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About DLS

Mission Statement: "To provide quality logistics and transportation services in a professional manner for the mutual benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders with emphasis placed on integrity and efficiency."

DLS was founded in 1995. Since it's founding, DLS has realized consistent growth by providing superior service and by organizing one of the finest transportation management teams in the nation.

DLS employs 21 Account Executives who provide "hands on" transportation and logistical solutions. These efforts are augmented by an accomplished operations/ accounting staff.

DLS knows that logistical services are reliant upon the utilization of capable and dedicated carrier/ vendors. To ensure superior service, DLS maintains excellent relationships with carrier/ vendor partners through fair-minded dealing and prompt payment of invoices.

DLS is proud to service over 500 customers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

Asset Based

Poised for additional growth, DLS added a small truck line in January of 2005. The long term plan is to add an average of one truck every other month over the next few years.