Intermodal Shipping Services

Freight Train

Inter-modal shipping has always been a great way to cut cost and be environmentally friendly. When your freight isn’t as time sensitive this is an excellent alternative to truckload shipping. With advances in technology shipping by train is as fast as it’s ever been! These are the top reasons for shipping your intermodal freight with DLS:

Rail shipments are cheaper than shipping over the road.

Intermodal shipping is almost always less expensive than truckload shipping. Of course, there are exceptions, but generally, rates will be lower. The primary reason for this is the huge difference in fuel consumption – since trains can move freight using thousands of tons less fuel, those monetary savings are passed along to you, creating a distinct cost advantage with rail shipments.

Environmentally Friendly

In an industry that’s constantly becoming more environmentally conscious, when you ship intermodal with DLS you can be sure you’re having the least amount of impact on the environment as possible.

When capacity is tight, you’ve got options.

When trucks are hard to come by, the railways might be wide open. While rail capacity is expanding, many trucking companies are being forced out of business due to the economy. The railways are also immune to certain economic and seasonal patterns which tighten the already strained truck capacity. Rail shipments also keep moving through nasty weather, while a frozen highway might bring your truckload freight to a halt. This makes intermodal shipping a great stand-in for truckload shipping, even if only utilized at certain times of year.

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